Assistant Cinematographer Jobs For Students | Cinematographer Job In NCR

Job Tittle: Assistant Cinematographer

Company Name: Clickofy Memories Private limited

Experience: 1 year

Salary: 16,000 a month

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Film


Job Description:

We are searching for a skilled and innovative cinematographer to join our team. The cinematographer’s responsibilities include reading scripts and liaising with the director and visiting locations to take test shots. You should suggest suitable lighting, angles, filters, and techniques to the director, and also work with the processing lab and post-production team.

To be successful as a cinematographer, you should be detail-oriented and demonstrate good creative intelligence. Outstanding candidates are easily inspired, have a strong vision and the ability to communicate that vision to the director and film crew.
Cinematographer Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing the screenplay, characters, and story structure and deciding on a visual approach with the director.
  • Conducting research regarding available locations, props, sun position, and weather conditions at the prospective film sites.
  • Selecting and sourcing required equipment, tools, and crew members.
  • Visiting locations and taking a series of test shots before deciding on the angles, filers, film stock, framing, equipment, lighting, and techniques that will be used to create the desired atmosphere of the film.
  • Approving costumes, make-up, and hair, as well as the color and textures used on set.
  • Training crew to safely use new and modified equipment.
  • Attending cast rehearsals and providing advice where appropriate.
  • Working with the post-production team to ensure the desired effects are preserved and that the mood of the film is maintained.
  • Keeping up-to-date with advances in the film industry and attending workshops and training sessions wherever possible.
  • Expanding networks and maintaining relationships with industry professionals.

Cinematographer Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Film, production, or a similar discipline.
  • An associate’s degree is also acceptable.
  • Extensive experience working in the film industry.
  • Stamina and physical strength.
  • The ability to work long hours and spend time away from home.
  • A passion for film, good eye for detail, and excellent hand-eye coordination.


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