Big Lots Remote From Home :: USA

Big Lots Remote Jobs

Big Lots Remote From Home :: USA

Job Details

  • Hiring Organization: Big Lots
  • Post Name: Store Associate/Stocker Remote
  • Qualification: Graduation
  • Industry: Private
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Work Hours: 8 Hours
  • Salary: $20/- To $25/- Per Hour
  • Location: USA

Company : Big Lots

Huge Lots, Inc., the country’s biggest closeout retailer, sells everything from consumables, occasional items and furniture to housewares, toys and gifts. The organization works more than 1,300 closeout stores in 45 states. The stores work under the names Big Lots, Big Lots Furniture, Pic ‘n’ Save and Mac Fergal’s Bargains.

Big Lots Remote From Home

The organization’s discount tasks are directed through Big Lots Wholesale, Consolidated International, and Wisconsin Toy, and internet shopping is accessible at  Enormous Lots separates itself from the dollar stores and huge scope markdown retailers by offering many items and costs in their 25,000 to 50,000-square-foot stores. Enormous Lots gains extra, suspended, and generally undesirable items from roughly 3,000 sellers situated all over the planet. A portion of the sellers incorporate Proctor and Gamble, Mattel, and limited scope makers in China and the Philippines.

Solidified Stores Corporation

At the point when Consolidated Stores Corporation (CSC) opened up to the world in 1985, only three years in the wake of opening their most memorable closeout store, with a $33.4 million stock contribution, most of the assets raised went to take care of obligation caused during the acquisition of CSC from its primary investors, the Shank and Schottenstein families, who likewise turned out to be key investors and leaders in the new CSC.

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Just $1.9 million of the cash raised was reserved for the kickoff of 40-45 new stores. The new CSC, after securing the old CSC, changed the organization’s monetary year to the customary retail financial period and stripped two of CSC’s auxiliaries, AMT and Covaries Auto Parts store, to zero in the organization’s procedure on one market: the retail and closeout business.

Job description :

At the point when you join our group, you’ll appreciate additional reserve funds with a 20% rebate on nearly everything coming up – even food! What’s more, a 30% rebate on Indoor and Outdoor furnishings. Extra advantages incorporate an impromptu compensation choice (hourly partners just), limits on Apple items, Verizon, AT&T administrations, and then some! For More data about benefits, see

Performs convenience store functional obligations including cashiering, client care, truck dumping, loading, stock recuperation, and light cleaning or support as allotted.

Big Lots Remote From Home

1. Welcomes and helps clients depending on the situation to keep up with the most significant level of client support.
2. Keeps up with and works retail location frameworks productively and precisely.
3. Drives client steadfastness program interest, including recruits and rewards handling at look at.
4. Takes part in the cargo stream process including truck dumping, loading, stock show and recuperation.
5. Takes part in furniture office activities including convey outs and show get together depending on the situation.
6. Keeps up with appearance of the store’s inside and outside to organization guidelines including light support obligations and cleaning.
7. Performs day to day front-end upkeep including actually look at stand neatness, renewal of product and supplies and floor wellbeing.
8. Performs different errands as relegated by Store Leadership, for example, truck recovery, shrivel control and security related undertakings.


1. Should be something like 16 years old.
2. Solid client assistance and relational abilities required.
3. Capacity to work an adaptable plan for getting work done including evenings, ends of the week and occasions required.
4. Earlier retail experience liked.
5. Past experience working a sales register preferred.
6. Capacity to lift, convey, push, and pull at least 50 pounds required. Capacity to dump cargo, to move item here and there of store racks, to walk, stand, curve, stoop, or bow for significant stretches of time, and to move unreservedly all through store on a nonstop premise required.
7. Fundamental English education and math abilities required.

Big Lots Remote From Home

Interview Question For Store Associate/Stocker At Big Lots Remote

Q: As a stocker, what is your experience utilizing a handheld scanner?

A:Stockers are expected to use gadgets to enter products into the stock administration framework. Handheld scanners are one of the most well-known bits of hardware that one will use in their everyday daily schedule. The ideal competitor will have commonality utilizing this apparatus to distinguish things and report stock amounts. The candidate’s reaction to this answer will permit you to measure the amount of involvement they possess as a stocker. What to search for in a response:

Capacity to use a handheld scanner
Comprehends the significance of archiving stock amounts and accurately recognizing stock
Experience as a stocker
“In my past stocker position, I used a handheld scanner everyday to guarantee that I was precisely putting things with their names on the racks. I likewise involved this gadget while really looking at costs for clients.”

Q: Inform me concerning a period you needed to manage a requesting client as a stocker.

A:There are troublesome clients in a wide range of stores; notwithstanding, the ideal up-and-comer will have recently experienced distressing circumstances including clients and will have dealt with these occurrences easily. The candidate’s reaction to this question will permit you to check what kinds of occasions they consider testing. Center around the singular’s capacity to rapidly determine issues. Is it safe to say that they were ready to come to an answer that brought about a positive encounter for the customer? What to search for in a response:

Critical thinking abilities
Capacity to try to avoid panicking in unpleasant circumstances
Experience managing requesting clients
“In my last position, a client was vexed that an item was put over some unacceptable mark as it mirrored the cost of another thing. I furnished the client with the choice to buy the item at that cost as it was a loading mistake.”

Q:Enlighten me regarding your experience loading racks in various offices.

A:The fundamental obligation of this position is to stock product all through the store. The ideal competitor will have insight with the kinds of showcases your organization involves in your foundation. Has the candidate set up end-covers at a past work? Do they have at least some idea how to appropriately follow planograms planned by upper administration or organizations of premium items? The individual ought to be sure about their abilities to stock. What to search for in a response:

Thinking abilities
Trust in oneself
Capacity to follow planograms
“I have 10 years of involvement loading racks in retail and basic foods stores. I commonly got planograms from upper administration and significant organizations to guarantee that the items were in their optimal area for advancements.”

Q:What strategies do you use to report harmed or terminated merchandise?

A:It is normal for product to get harmed in the store whether by a client or a representative. Contingent upon the foundation, a few things could lapse and should be discarded after a specific date. The ideal candidate will know how to distinguish merchandise that can as of now not be sold and have the apparatuses accessible to report them. What to search for in a response:

Decisive reasoning abilities
Experience announcing harmed and lapsed products
Time-usage abilities
“In my last stocker position, I would actually look at our produce like clockwork to guarantee that I could eliminate any harmed products. I generally record the things and amounts prior to presenting the reports to my administrator.”

Q:Educate me concerning a period you had report inconsistencies and change cost blunders as a stocker.

A:While putting things on a rack, a stocker could see that the thing doesn’t precisely coordinate with its name or the estimating might be off-base. The ideal candidate will comprehend the significance of speedily telling all report disparities and value mistakes to upper administration as this issue enormously influences clients. Were there steps that the individual needed to take to illuminate their chief? What to search for in a response:

Astounding relational abilities
Figures out the significance of illuminating administration about record inconsistencies
Experience with cost blunders
“In my last position, I quickly educated upper administration about a cost mistake on eggs. The name was one dollar not exactly the reports gave to me. My supervisor immediately printed out the right mark so I could continue with restocking.”

Q:What do you do when you notice another partner is battling to follow through with a responsibility?

A:Representatives frequently have separately appointed undertakings to finish, especially during shift work. Notwithstanding, an ideal applicant ought to perceive that the best work and quality organization culture comes from working cooperatively and steadily. An up-and-comer’s reaction to this question can uncover their personality and values. A candidate’s reaction can assist you with measuring their observational abilities and how well they read others. You ought to have the option to check whether they step up to the plate and whether they have any authority or administrative abilities. Moreover, an ideal applicant’s reaction can uncover their involvement with loading and how compelling they are with overseeing time and assets.



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