Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs $21/Hour

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Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs $21/Hour

About Company: Flight Attendant

Salary : $20/Hr

Full Expected set of responsibilities
Salud and mahalo for your advantage in the Airline steward position with Hawaiian Aircrafts!

We will have an enrollment occasion occurring in Honolulu, Hawaii. Whenever chose for interviews, accurate dates and times will be imparted. If it’s not too much trouble, note that all dates and times are dependent upon future developments in light of functional need

Interview Timetable

Stage 1: hour long video board interview.
Resulting interviews (Gathering and Last meetings) will be directed face to face in our Corporate Office in Honolulu.
Up-and-comers fruitful in the screening will be offered a restrictive proposal of business in view of passing pre-work to an Airline steward Instructional course in Honolulu.

Position Outline

The essential capability of Hawaiian airline stewards is to guarantee the wellbeing of our visitors while on board Organization airplane, by being genuinely and mentally fit for performing security techniques and helping visitors in case of a crisis. Airline stewards work in a quick moving climate; they should have the option to deal with crisis circumstances and really manage a wide range of characters in a mindful and wonderful way.

Optionally, airline stewards give our visitors a steady and endorsed degree of client care in the airplane lodge during flight, which incorporates giving food and refreshment administration, while giving an unparalleled Salaam insight.

Work Obligations

Go to preflight briefings concerning climate, heights, courses, crisis strategies, team coordination, lengths of flights, food and refreshment administrations offered, and quantities of visitors
Charmingly welcome and direct visitors to their allocated seats and answer flight related questions
Help visitors with stashing lightweight baggage in storage spaces or under lodge seats
Exhibit utilization of security gear (e.g., safety belts, breathing devices, and life coats) and crisis methodology preceding take-off
Walk paths of planes to check for visitor perception of security guidelines, uphold and instruct visitors with respect to somewhere safe and secure infractions and successfully diffuse and determine troublesome visitor’s circumstances
Direct and help visitors in crisis techniques, for example, clearing a plane following a crisis arrival
Give food and drink administration reliably and as recommended by strategy
Gather and accommodate installments for different locally available items, for example, cocktails, dinners, obligation free deals, and so on.
Control emergency treatment, if important
Make composed and verbal reports of crisis/security episodes happening during flight
Get ready visitors and airplane for landing, following strategies
Agreeably complete yearly FAA-supported re-confirmation given by Hawaiian Aircrafts
Capacity to get and keep an AOA Identification
Have the capacity to learn and keep up with current information and capability of crisis methodology as per Hawaiian and FAA’s Guidelines
Ready to be available to work elective timetables, including nights, ends of the week and occasions
Capacity to successfully and expertly interface with others (partners and visitors)
Ready to work successfully with different partners to convey a ceaseless salud experience by giving brief and charming reactions to visitor requests, solicitations and protests while on board the flight

The capacity to tell when something is off-base or is probably going to turn out badly, perceiving there is an issue and heightening the worry

Ready to work in environments and areas across the globe and work variable movements
Ready to fly at high heights
Ready to satisfy actual needs of the gig
Help sick or crippled travelers and individual team individuals
Clear the airplane in weighty, thick smoke during a lodge fire
Handle and work oxygen containers and fire quenchers
Eliminate and lift crisis lodge windows (gauging as much as 60 pounds)
Hop down the crisis slide from level of around 24.5 feet

Interview Question For Flight Attendant

  1. Can you tell us something about yourself for the start?
  2. Tell us about your experience with flying. How did you feel about the cabin crew and their work?
  3. What do you think are the main duties of the flight attendants on the short distance and long distance flight?
  4. In your opinion, what characterizes a great flight attendant nowadays?
  5. How many languages do you speak on an intermediate level, or better?
  6. How do you imagine a typical day of a cabin crew member?
  7. What caught your eye exactly on our job offer, our airline?
  8. Do you prefer to work on a team, or independently?
  9. Other questions you may face in your flight attendant interview
  10. Your charisma matters more than your education
  11. Final thoughts, answers to all questions

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