Management Trainee Jobs and Vacancies in Gurgaon, Haryana

Job Title: Management Trainee

Company Name: HCDS Technologies

Experience: 0- 1 Year

Language: Hindi, English

Salary: 10,000 – 25,000 a month

Education: Bachelor’s


Job Description:

Dear Applicant,

Welcome to the Career Innovation Team of HCDS Technologies…

I’m Sam Paul, Hiring Manager for Management Trainee Profile,

This profile requires candidates to Leave behind all preconceived theories and practices of unsatisfactory academics, searching and acquiring for a job, boring working schedule, getting a minimum accepted salary, keep struggling for achieving Job targets, insufficient salary increments, general livelihood and other social or financial worries. Winners always pay attention to what are current trends and latest developments across Local and Global Businesses. They always focus on REFORM > REINVENT > RECTIFY and REBUILD themselves in opposing circumstances.

By joining this Meritocratic Internship in Sales, Marketing and Business Development, you are entering the world of Transformational Corporate Systems and Developing New Standards across 12 Business Functions along with your academic specializations. This would be the ideal start for your future career endeavors at ultimate levels. We will publish your success milestones and personal achievements across social media, news media or any constitutional agency. Please be vigilant that this is not a traditional 9 hours job to work for 24 to 26 days in a Month and wait for salary in account. Have an open intellect to dedicated Learning and Knowledge building across diversity of business functions. You would be engaged in all 12 business functions for foresight career Grooming.

When it comes to generating revenue for the organization by the means of market research-based advertisement, branding, marketing and digital presence of products and services offered by HCDS Technologies and its partners and clients, there is a Business Growth and Development team. The talented and innovative business development managers showcase offerings to the majority of public to fetch new customers who will become shoppers and buyers. They work closely with other product development teams to launch existing products to new markets and developing customer-centric products and services in most professional manner. They vigilantly act as well learned and expert executives for onboarding the products and services right from demand and ensuring supplies between Businesses (Traders/Dealers/Stockiest) and Customers (Buyers/Wholesalers/Consumers).

The objective of the internship is to give you an essential first-hand skill learning of the day-to-day cross functional working environment of the HCDS Technologies across a diversity of projects. You will be given a real chance to work with our people in currently running and upcoming projects in association with partners/clients MNCs and Government Departments. As part of our team, working directly with outstanding and inspiring career professionals and senior management, you will be exposed to high-profile conferences, participate in meetings, and contribute to analytical work as well as organizational policy of the HCDS Technologies. Initially you will take on the amount of responsibility you can shoulder; the potential for growth, however, is yours to develop.

Your day-to-day Internship/Trainee working activities initially:

1. Politely and honorable conversations with all the stakeholders and building confidence to connect, empathize, emotionally and socially. Let, the prospective stakeholders buy or subscribe to innovative offerings and services to bridge the gap of demand and supplier by fair, ethical and social approach.
2. Contact potential beneficiary via social media, phone call, building rapport using interpersonal skills, pitching the product, negotiating if required, closing the deals, collecting digital payments and post sales relationship management, smoothly and gently in most professional manner.
3. Maintaining a detailed database on the Spreadsheet/CRM of all the interactions with the leads to optimize lead closure because accountability is something that has been appreciated by stakeholders.
4. Dialing/Responding to 60 to 100 calls and ensuring minimum 2 hours talk-time per day. Doing your best individual contribution to bring in more people for accessing our product and services.
5. Keeping confidentiality and security of the client’s data which will be shared with Management Trainee or you will be accessing while working. You have to use any part of data under written consent of your Manager/Mentor only.
6. Creating artistic and eye-catching branding content (images and texts) to post on social media for the attention of mass community across the territories and beyond those previously experienced limits.
7. Planning and Organization of Social Service, Civil Ethics and Community Empowerment Events at Countryside. Stay connected remotely in case there is unpleasant Covid-19 barrier or natural weather conditions, because we will break all barriers together to make best of fortune.

Stipend and Other Benefits during Internship:

– Great Learning and Knowledge building opportunities in Cyber City, Gurugram. This is the first and primary objective of this Internship, don’t fall greedy just for Stipend and Certificate only. We are paying Fixed and Performance Based Stipend up to ₹ 18,000 to Graduates, up to ₹ 25,000 to Post-Graduates and up to ₹ 30,000 to Ph.D. Qualification.

– Gain Global Meritocratic Working Experience while working from corporate office, mostly surrounded by professionals from SOUTH KOREA, BRAZIL, ARABIA, BRITAIN, JAPAN, VIETNAM, SINGAPORE, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, AFGHANISTAN, CHINA, RUSSIA, PHILIPPINES, CANADA and various Business Functions across;

You’ll be Learning and Working in All These Functions:

1. Entrepreneurship, Business Acumen and Commercial Establishments
2. Business Administration and Organization Management
3. Neo Banking and MSME Banking Services
4. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics
5. Human Resources Development and Productivity Management (HRMS/HRIS/HRD/Labor Law)
6. Infrastructure Facilities Management (Interior and Engineering)
7. Corporate Events and Exhibition Planning and Organization
8. Social Service, Civil Ethics and Community Empowerment (CSR)
9. Sales, Marketing and Business Development Functions
10. Healthcare Administration and Hospital Management
11. Cloud Computing and Network Infrastructure
12. International Business and Import/Export Management

– Value added Certification and Essential Training from National Skills Development Corporation, Internship certification from HCDS Technologies and Experience Letter if you complete a minimum of 1 year. Though, nobody can replace you but in case you want to leave our team then you would serve 30 days advance notice and help the hiring manager to find your substitute and provide essential technical and functional training to the freshly hired Intern/Trainee before you exit from HCDS Technologies.

Required documents for Internship Onboarding:

You must be enrolled in a Final Year Regular Undergraduate Course? or a Master’s Degree? or in a Ph.D. programmer, or in the final year of a Correspondence Bachelor’s programmer; or within one year after graduation from a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. programmer? Along with academic certificates, 2 passport photos and 2 identification documents will be required for Onboarding.

You must have an average command of English and Hindi.
You must be in the age bracket of 17.5 years to 26 years (Up to 32 years in case of Ph.D. Qualified).
You must have your own Laptop and Personal vehicle.

Keep in mind:

Management Trainee position is an internship to Learn fast and groom your professional personality for your further career endeavors, this is not a Salaried Job initially. You shall be paid Performance Based Incentives (variable) up to ₹ 3,60,000 Per Year (in Hand between ₹7,500 to ₹30,000 per month)

Duration: The internship programmer lasts for at least six months and can be as long as eighteen months. All the Internship lead to regular Onboarding at CTC ₹3,24,000 to ₹5,40,000 for Graduates, CTC ₹4,80,000 to ₹7,20,000 for Post-Graduates and ₹6,00,000 to ₹12,50,000 for Ph.D. qualification on the basis of strong observation and appraisal of candidates and their mentor. Once offered, you must begin your internship either prior to or within 3 days, else consider the Offer stand withdrawn without further notice. Instead of unfruitful arguments, please share the internship information with your Parents or Guardian or well-wishers so that they can provide you with their valuable opinions and guidance before you come up with your queries.

Cost: HCDS Technologies interns/trainees are definitely paid Annual Stipend up to CTC ₹ 3,60,000, only if they’re willing to generate revenue by further business association with prospective customers and clients. All costs related to initial corporate training and appraisal, travel, insurance, accommodation, and living expenses must be borne by either the interns/trainees or their sponsoring/academic institutions/parents or Legal Guardian.

Visa: You will be responsible for obtaining and financing the necessary visas if required in any case.

Travel: You will arrange and finance your travel to the Business location where you will be an intern/trainee.

Medical insurance: You will be responsible for costs arising from accidents and/or illness incurred during the internship and must show proof of a valid major medical insurance coverage.

Confidentiality: You must be discreet and keep confidential any and all unpublished information obtained during the agreement of the internship and may not publish any documents based on such information. However, you, in legitimate consent with Mentor/Management, can post on social media yet specific content only.

Academic Credit: You may get academic credit from your institution of higher education for the internship/trainee pupil ship. Check with your college/university to confirm their academic credit policy for internships.

At HCDS Technologies; We are fostering a culture of humanness where youth bring Advancement through Liberal insights research and transform their career aspirations into achievable term goals and objectives. Majority of focus on Social Service, Civil Ethics and Community Empowerment Events so that all individuals can create executive presence among countryside people of our beautiful nation. We together would definitely push our Gross Domestic Production and National Economy at ultimate levels by scalability and introducing Technical as well as Functional Proficiency.

I wish you all success during this Internship engagement and future career endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,

Sam Paul
(Hiring Manager)

Read, Understood and Accepted by: __
An Enthusiastic Career Aspirant and Internship Applicant



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