Remote Google Jobs, Google Jobs Work From Home

Remote Google Jobs, Google Jobs Work From Home

Jobs Responsibilities: Hardware Sustaining Engineer
Hiring Organization: Google
Employment Type: Full Time
Job Experience: 3
Job Location : California, USA

Full Description

Least capabilities:

  • Four year certification in Electrical Designing, PC Designing, Physical science, a connected field, or comparable pragmatic experience.
  • 4 years of involvement working in an equipment designing specialized climate, or 3 years of involvement in a postgraduate education.

Favored capabilities:

  • Graduate degree or PhD in Software engineering, PC Designing, Electrical Designing, or related field.
  • Experience with equipment plan (PC engineering or potentially chip plan).
  • Experience in C/C++, Python, or potentially Prearranging.
  • Framework level comprehension of equipment items including physical, useful, coherent, mechanical, electrical, programming, warm and cooling.

About the gig

Google’s hand crafted machines make up one of the biggest and most impressive processing foundations on the planet. The Equipment Testing Designing group guarantees that this state of the art gear is dependable. In the Research and development lab, you configuration test gear for models of our apparatus and foster the conventions used to scale these tests for the whole worldwide group. Working intimately with configuration engineers, you give input on plans to work on our equipment until you’re certain it satisfies Google’s guidelines of value and unwavering quality.

Behind all that our clients see online is the design worked by the Specialized Foundation group to keep it running. From creating and keeping up with our server farms to building the up and coming age of Google stages, we make Google’s item portfolio conceivable. We’re glad to be our architects’ designers and love voiding guarantees by dismantling things so we can reconstruct them. We keep our organizations ready to go, guaranteeing our clients have the best and quickest experience conceivable.


  • Survey dependability trip alarms for server, capacity, AI, and systems administration equipment.
  • Perform remote troubleshooting, create tests, and information assortment to dissect our disappointments.
  • Work with other educated authorities to find the underlying driver of equipment disappointment, holes in discovery, and erroneous fix methodologies.
  • Drive enhancements to equipment, part determination, tests, diagnostics, and mechanized fix streams.
  • Give cross-practical correspondence and acceleration for choices.

Jobs Benefits:-

Google is known for offering a large number of liberal advantages to its representatives, frequently viewed as probably the most incredible in the tech business. Here are a portion of the ordinary work benefits presented by Google:

  • Medical care Advantages: Google gives exhaustive clinical, dental, and vision protection plans for representatives and their qualified wards. These plans frequently incorporate inclusion for preventive consideration, physician recommended drugs, and psychological well-being administrations.
  • Retirement Reserve funds Plans: Google normally offers retirement investment funds plans, for example, a 401(k) with boss matching commitments. Representatives can contribute a piece of their compensation to the arrangement, and Google matches a level of their commitments, up to a specific breaking point.
  • Investment opportunities and Value Grants: Google might offer investment opportunities, confined stock units (RSUs), or other value grants to representatives as a feature of their pay bundle. These value grants can give workers an amazing chance to partake in the organization’s prosperity and possibly benefit from stock cost value increase over the long run.
  • Taken care of Time (PTO): Google gives liberal took care of time to travel, occasions, and individual days. How much PTO gathered normally increments with long periods of administration.
  • Parental Leave: Google offers liberal parental pass on advantages to unseasoned parents, including took care of time for birth moms, fathers, and new parents. These advantages frequently surpass industry guidelines and expect to help representatives in adjusting work and family obligations.
  • Worker Wellbeing Projects: Google advances representative health through drives, for example, on location wellness focuses, wellbeing classes, and assets for emotional well-being support. Representatives may likewise approach wellbeing payments for exercises, for example, rec center enrollments or care programs.
  • Proficient Turn of events: Google puts resources into its representatives’ expert improvement through different preparation projects, studios, and instructive open doors. This might incorporate admittance to web based learning stages, repayment for work related courses or confirmations, and potential open doors for vocation development and progression inside the organization.
  • Adaptable Work Courses of action: Google offers adaptable work plans, including choices for remote work, adaptable hours, and parttime timetables. This adaptability permits representatives to all the more likely equilibrium their work and individual responsibilities.
  • Representative Help Program (EAP): Google commonly offers an EAP to furnish workers and their families with classified guiding administrations, lawful help, monetary preparation, and other help assets.
  • Advantages and Limits: Google gives different advantages and limits to workers, remembering limits for Google items and administrations, suburbanite advantages, and admittance to on location conveniences like cafeterias, rub treatment, and cleaning administrations.

It’s vital to take note of that particular advantages might change in view of variables like work job, area, and business status. Workers ought to allude to their manager gave materials or talk their HR office for definite data about benefits qualification and inclusion.

Remote Google Jobs, Google Jobs Work From Home


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