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Job Title: Security Guard/Crowd Controller

Company Name: Diis service pvt ltd.

Experience: 0-1 Year

Language: Hindi, English

Salary: 15,000 a month

Education: Secondary


Job Description:

we are looking for a fit and attentive security guard to ensure that our property is protected. The security guard is responsible for recording the names of visitors, patrolling the property and apprehending any trespassers.

To be successful as a security guard you must be alert and professional. A good security guard is aware of all visitors to the property and ensures that no inappropriate actions take place.
Security Guard Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that guests sign in upon arrival and exit.
  • Make guests aware of rules that must be adhered to.
  • Remove trespassers or unwanted individuals from the property.
  • Contact the relevant authorities if a crime is committed or an accident occurs.
  • Report to supervisors on a regular basis.
  • Record any suspicious activities to the supervisor.

Security Guard Requirements:

  • A high school qualification or equivalent.
  • Basic first aid skills would be advantageous.
  • Physical strength and fitness.
  • Prior experience as a Security Guard would be advantageous.
  • Attention to detail.


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